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October, 2020

Spiritual growth and maturity is a process not for the faint of heart. Recognizing and understanding the processes one must go through will help strengthen and invigorate your heart for the journey. This four-month journey will equip, enrich and illuminate God's tools and wisdom to assist you to grow and mature. In this devotional you will:

  • Identify the significance of Biblical Character, pursue holiness and examine key character qualities of biblical heroes as we appropriate the lessons personally.

  • Examine Discipleship first hand, acquire the skills to be a disciple-maker and transport into the lives of great disciple-makers in both the Old and New Testament, learning their artistry.

  • Illuminate the love of God for sinners, embrace the heart of evangelism and scrutinize the impact the gospel makes in the life of a believer.

  • Recognize spiritual warfare in a fresh new light, be intimately acquainted with your armour and your weapons.

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August, 2019

This book is about making great transitions in life. Your destiny is not a 'solo run' it's a team event. In a track and field relay race, there is something called an EXCHANGE ZONE - a well-marked space in which the baton must be passed from one runner to the next. A lot has to happen in a short period of time for the baton pass to be successful. We all pass through 'exchange zones' in lifetimes and places where we give or receive significant life skills, blessings or possessions. These are meant to be places where destinies converge and desires are fulfilled. We need to know what to do before we get there as there is rarely enough time to figure it out once we get there. In life, the baton you carry represents the authority, wisdom and resources that you give and receive from others. The Great Exchange is a compelling read that switches between teaching and story-telling to serve up irrefutable evidence of how life's 'baton passes' are often the key to fulfilling destinies for families, and for leaders of all kinds. It is divided into four sections that cover the why, the what and the how. As the reader, you will acquire practical understanding of how to create an impact that outlives your own lifespan and potential continues for generations to come.

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January, 1994

This fascinating new book chronicles such significant twentieth-century technological failures as the Hindenburgh, Love Canal, the Challenger, and thalidomide. Assisted by contributing editor Leonard Bruno, senior science specialist at the Library of Congress, and several distinguished advisers, Schlager has compiled entries on 103 technological disasters in a wide variety of fields. Entries were written by contributors who are experts in science, architecture, and engineering or journalists who specialize in technological subjects.
The book is international in scope and surveys 12 fields, such as automobiles, bridges, dams, and submarines. The fields are arranged alphabetically and within each, entries are arranged chronologically. All are signed and written in a nontechnical style comprehensible to the average educated adult. Each entry is in the same format. A heading notes the place and date of the disaster, and a one-sentence description gives the significance of the incident. A background section relates how the project was designed. This is followed by sections detailing the disaster and the impact it has had on the field. Rounding out each article is a bibliography listing a handful of books and articles, though some are more extensive, e.g., Chernobyl has 18 citations. Appropriately placed throughout the text are approximately 150 black-and-white photographs and line drawings.
Facilitating use of this work is a table of contents with a one-sentence annotation for each entry. The contributors list notes affiliation, expertise area, and publications. A chronology lists the events. Concluding the volume is a bibliography that cites 49 books and a detailed index.

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