Have Your Words Heard


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I have had the pleasure of working with Anne on a long-running project for a multinational finance firm to produce a revolutionary 'Information Gallery' aimed at the general public. As Managing Editor she provided guidance and training to a six-member writing team and supervised the research, writing and editing to exacting briefs within tight deadlines.

- S. Cole

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Anne has been a great support in helping me to develop my project and shaping it into a first full draft manuscript. She is thoughtful in observing and absorbing information, relating it effortlessly into enjoyable reading. It is definitely a gift.

- Christopher B.

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My project finally took shape and my confidence in my words grew when I heard about Anne's experience. The final personal writing assignment to complete my degree was extremely well received and I owe it all to Anne's coaching and guidance.

- Roseann, Tyndale University Seminary Graduate

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Special thanks to Anne, Editor at Peninsula Freelance Editorial for your professionalism, expertise and commitment to this project.

- Stephen W., Beyond Borders Ministries

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Anne is the best editor I've ever worked with. She pays close attention to the details, all while keeping the main picture in mind. She is at home in a variety of genres from literature to screenplay. Not to mention her absolute confidence in the command of the English language. She sits down with you for an extensive discussion to figure out what you were trying to achieve with your writing. She gave me several ideas about how to make my screenplay even better and helped me to improve my style as a writer. My trust in her has directly correlated to my success and confidence. Lastly, in today's crazy editorial market, she is not only trustworthy, but her prices are affordable even for beginner writers.

- Gabriel D., Screenwriter

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The "book doula." How can we thank you enough for the gift you have been to the birth of this book? You are a blessing!

- Mellisa & Terry B.