Have Your Words Heard

April 6th, 2022 • 1 min read

Ask a Writer's Coach

As a writer and editor, I have spent many years in editorial offices editing other writers' work for publication multiple times a day, and likewise having my own work proofread by department editors. Being assigned commissions meant researching and structuring a story with reliable sources to a tight deadline, sticking to a specific brief agreed with my editor. This comprised the majority of my professional freelance career. It became systematic and created a momentum of prolific writing which resulted in enforcing an ingrained intuition and instinct to quickly discern the best of a story for an expectant audience. This translates to a skill I have now shared with other writers who I have had the privilege to coach.

Through this website, I am open to hearing from writers who may have never considered coaching to ask your questions or share your experiences or the obstacles you face. Watch this space for a future option to get notified of new posts as they are made available.