Have Your Words Heard

April 5th, 2022 • 2 min read

The Latest Best Sellers You've Yet to Read

We've saved a place for you, to share your favourite new books that excite you. Of course we will recommend some, too, but for now we want to keep this open to the readers to highlight the books they admire right now and why.


To start the ball rolling, however, we'll throw out the first title: Have you heard of Love + Work by global researcher Marcus Buckingham? It may well resonate with fellow writers out there, as - no, it is not about office romance - it focuses on the reasons we love our work. Can't relate? Then perhaps that's a cue to find what you actually love and incorporate it into what you do. That could involve a switch in careers, which is precisely what some clients have decided to do.

The book itself is aimed at everyone, with the impetus on exploring how to do what you love and escape the mismatched purgatory of conformity. It's a book I've been waiting for, as the author has a reading habit similar to mine - reads magazines backwards and reads the last page of a book first. It needed to be written - and needs to be read.

Check the book out at you nearest bookseller and let us know your thoughts. Then answer the question: do you love your work? Now you've no excuse not to.